Why Abio



Everything we do is predicated on this one statement. This is our mission.

Our Why

We don’t have to build homes. We build them because this is what we want to do.

We find joy in seeing families living in a way that enables them to contribute more to the world.


Our How

With our first home in Ocala, we won first place in our price range at the Marion County Parade of Homes. (Not to mention, we won best outdoor feature too 🙂 )

We don’t build like typical builders because we aren’t typical builders.
Having invented products and production processes for over 30 years, I – Phillip Mark – bring a different perspective to an overly standardized industry.

Our construction methods, air filtration systems, and finishing touches push the envelope of new home construction.

Our walls are built with the same methods used to build saferooms.
Our air filtration is hospital grade.

Our goal is to build you a home that will take you into tomorrow.